Nov 06 2018


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Welcome to the home of Sherwin Real Estate and Insurance.  We hope you find the information on our pages helpful.  If you have any questions regarding our listings, how to get your house listed for sale, or any assistance with your insurance needs, we hope you will reach out to us.



9 photos 1519 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath

$ 398,000.00

This house is situated in a perfect area on the main lake.  It boasts a wonderful swimming area, great views and one of the deepest locations offering great fishing opportunities.  The area to the southwest of this house is common area so there will never be another house built next to this house.  The house…

9 photos 1519 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath
21 photos 2832 sq ft 5 beds 3 baths

$ 585,000.00

This gorgeous split level is located on an awesome part of the main lake across from the dike.  You can see the whole length of that portion of the lake from the deck.  The lake side of the house has plenty of windows for viewing activity on the lake and nature as well.  The property…

21 photos 2832 sq ft 5 beds 3 baths

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